Brattleboro, Vermont

Finance Committee

The 2013 Charter states that: "The representative town meeting shall establish a finance committee for the general purpose of reviewing proposed and actual expenditures by the town, town school district, and such other budgets which affect the taxpayers of the town of Brattleboro, including Brattleboro Union High School District 6. A review will include making recommendations to the representative town meeting and the voters. The committee will work with the town finance director, school finance director, and other town officials in assessing the recommendations and impact of the proposed annual budget and all finance policy including fund balances, debt management, capital improvements and the capital plan. It is also recommended that the committee review all auditor’s reports and any other matters of financial import that impact the voters of the town.  The representative town meeting shall fix and from time to time may alter the number of members, the manner of their selection, their terms of office, their compensation  if any, and other duties and functions.  The committee may choose its own officers.

"Pursuant to the rules established by representative town meeting, appointment or election of finance committee members shall be made at each annual representative town meeting."

Committee members that were appointed at the March, 2017 Representative Town Meeting and still serving are:

Franz Reichsman, Chair
Avery Schwenk
Ralph Meima, Vice-Chair
Abby Sweeney
Scott Smyth