Brattleboro, Vermont


The first stage of property assessment appeals in Brattleboro is in the form of grievance hearings held before the Board of Listers. They typically start in early June, at least 2 weeks after notices of new values are mailed to property owners. Since only property owners with assessment changes receive these notices, taxpayers who wish to appeal should contact our office no later than May 1st to request notification of the exact date the hearings will begin and obtain any necessary paperwork.

You may grieve in one of 3 ways; in person, by representation (with the written permission of the owner), or by mail. In all cases, you must contact our office for a grievance application form, or you may download one by clicking here: grievance/appeal . Appointments should be made by the first day of grievance hearings, and mailed grievances should be postmarked by that date.

The Board of Listers will consider any evidence you present at the hearing in support of your appeal. It will be in your best interest to examine your property file in the Office of Assessment, and ask the staff any questions you may have about your property assessment.

Notices of Grievance Results will be mailed two weeks after the hearings are closed. This notice will contain information regarding the procedure for appealing the decision of the Listers to the Board of Civil Authority, which is also a board of elected officials. Appeals beyond the local level go to either the Vermont Superior Court or to the Director of Property Valuation and Review. Each level of appeal must be completed before the next can be scheduled. 

Grievance FAQ Sheet