Brattleboro, Vermont

Business Sign Permits

All business signs require a permit. Regulations regarding the signs can be found in the Land Use Regulations, Section 319. General regulations are covered first in Section, 4500, page 4-19. The specific type and size allowed by each zoning district begins in Section 4550, page 4-26. If you do not know your zoning district, refer to the online district zoning map*, or call Planning Services at 802-251-8154.

Applications to be completed for signs are Forms A and B. If you have questions when completing the forms, please call Planning Services, or email

The fee for sign applications is $40.00, made payable to Town of Brattleboro.

*The map can be enlarged by using the + key in the bottom inset menu, or by right clicking on your mouse,  selecting the marquee zoom function, and using the cursor draw an outline around the area of interest.