Brattleboro, Vermont

Police Issues

How do I get a copy of a police report?

Go to the Central Dispatch window on the first floor of the municipal center and ask for a form.  Read it carefully, fill it out and leave it with the dispatcher.  Your report will be ready for you to pick up within two weeks—usually sooner.  If you are unable to travel, you can write a letter to “Records Department, Brattleboro Police Department, 230 Main Street, Suite 102, Brattleboro, VT.  Provide the details of what you need, why you need it and provide a daytime phone number in case we have questions.

Please note there are fees for these copies depending on the number of pages.  Also, if you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident and your insurance company asks you to get a copy of the report, know that requesting that report is really the company’s responsibility and they should pay for it.

  • How do I contest a traffic ticket?

Instructions for contesting a traffic violation are on the back of the copy of the ticket you received from the officer.  The officer cannot “take back” the ticket after it has been written.

  • My neighbors are very noisy.  What can I do?

Some noise is a part of life, but if loud music, barking dogs or construction is seriously affecting your neighborhood at any hour, call the Police Department at 257-7946.  But please try to be understanding to the needs of your neighbors to use their snowblowers, lawnmowers, etc.

  • What are Brattleboro’s leash laws?

An ordinance is in place requiring all dogs to either be on a leash or in the “heel” position under the direct control of a handler.  There is no leash law for cats. 

  • What should I do if I see a wild animal (skunk, raccoon, etc.) that looks sick?

Seeing a usually nocturnal animal out and about in the daylight often causes alarm.  If it’s close to dawn or dusk, the animal may simply be looking for food.  If you’re concerned that it may have rabies, you can call the toll-free hotline at 1-800-RABIES for information, or call Vermont State Police at 257-7101 and ask to have a Fish and Wildlife officer check it out.  While Brattleboro’s Animal Control Officer and Police Officers do not normally respond to wildlife calls, if you feel your family is in immediate danger, please call the police department at 257-7946.  If an animal has bitten someone, call 9-1-1 immediately.

  • How do I get the Vehicle Identification Number (Block #7) inspected on my new vehicle?

VIN paperwork is available in the Central Dispatch vestibule.  You may simply stop by and request an officer verify your VIN.  You may be asked to wait a few minutes.   You may also request an officer respond to your home or business to verify your VIN.  While it’s best if you can be there, you don’t even have to be present!  Simply call Central Dispatch at 257-7946 and ask for an officer to respond.  You can leave your completed paperwork under a windshield wiper, the officer will complete the verification and put the paperwork back under the wiper. For non-new vehicle registrations, vehicles previously titled in Vermont do not have to have the VIN’s inspected on vehicles manufactured prior to 1989.

  • I feel that drivers speed through my neighborhood. What can I do?

The Brattleboro Police Department is happy to speak with you about speeding concerns.  Call and ask for the Shift Supervisor, or send a detailed letter, including the time of day you’re most concerned about.  We’ll do our best to check it out quickly and may place the Speed Cart in your area to gather information.  If you’re willing to have the cart on your property or to have an officer run radar enforcement from your driveway, please let us know!

  • Why does the dispatcher ask so many questions when I call?

Dispatchers and Officers are trained to get as much information as possible.  They will ask your name, address and date of birth and phone number because a database is being built that will enable the Brattleboro Police Department to serve you better.  The dispatcher will need as much information initially to determine where your call needs to be routed to provide you with the best and fastest response to your needs. This may possibly prevent you from being transferred to numerous personnel and having to explain the situation more times than necessary. 

  • How can I report an anonymous tip to the Brattleboro Police Department?

Call (802)251-8188 and leave a message on our TIPS line!  This is a good place to let us know about suspected drug activity or to provide other information.  It is NOT the number to call if there is an immediate danger or if a crime is being committed right now.  Please call 9-1-1 whenever there is something that requires immediate attention.

  • I need a letter from the Chief of Police as part of an application process. How do I get one?
There’s a form at Central Dispatch for this, or you can write a letter requesting it.  Please include your full name and date of birth.  Any request for a “records check” will pertain only to information from the Brattleboro Police Department computer system and will not include any contacts you may have had with other police agencies.  If you need a complete criminal records check, visit the Vermont Criminal Information Center online at