Brattleboro, Vermont

Starting a Business

How do I start a business in Brattleboro?

Complying with all of the local and state regulations can be confusing when starting out. To help address some of your questions we've developed a brochure on How to Do Business in Brattleboro. In addition, you may want to refer to a resource the Vermont Secretary of State's office to assist those either starting or expanding their business: State of Vermont checklist

A Brattleboro Business license is required for all Businesses in Brattleboro; in addition to the business license the following types of business require separate permits:

Liquor or Tobacco license applications – Town Clerk
Food and Taxi Cab licenses – Town Manager's Office
Home Business, Change of Use (commercial or residential), Conditional Use  – Planning Services Department

More information and application forms can be found under Licenses and Permits.

Permits are required for signs and can be obtained through the Planning Services Department. Or click on Licenses and Permits above.

Taxes: A personal property form must be filed with the Assessors' office.