Brattleboro, Vermont

ADA Advisory Committee

The Brattleboro ADA Advisory Committee is dedicated to creating awareness of ADA concerns while providing information about, advocacy for, and solutions to the Town's ADA-related needs and issues.  The committee is willing to assist businesses in understanding how to be disability-friendly and how to comply with ADA requirements within businesses.

The membership of the committee was revised by the Selectboard on August 16, 2016, and the committee now consists of five members, with two 3-year seats, two 2-year seats, and one 1-year seats.

Originally adopted in 1992, the ADA gives civil rights protection, guaranteeing equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in employment transportation, state and local government services, telecommunications, and in the goods and services provided by businesses.

Currently serving:

Julie Tamler, Chair  (6/19)
Gail Kennedy-Haines, Vice Chair  (6/18)
Nina Wilson,  Clerk (6/18)
Gary Snyder (6/19)
John Komar (6/18)

Staff:  Town Manager's Office, 802-251-8151,