Brattleboro, Vermont

Skatepark Site Selection Committee

The Skatepark Site Selection Committee was formed by the Selectboard on November 5, 2013.  The Committee consists of seven interested citizens.  The Recreation & Parks Director will serve as lead staff member to support the Committee and also engage staff from other Town departments as needed. 

The charge of the Committee is to identify and evaluate sites within the community that will be appropriate for a skatepark and the Committee will establish criteria and rank each site setting weighted values for each criteria.  The Committee will conduct open meetings during site visits and at their meetings.  The Committee will determine final ranking of all sites during an open meeting.  The Committee will present their findings and recommendations to the Recreation & Parks Board, and the Recreation & Parks Board and the Site Selection Committee will make a recommendation to the Selectboard.  The Selectboard requests that the work of the Site Selection Committee be completed and forwarded to the Selectboard by June 1, 2014. Citizens may submit ideas and information to the Committee by sending an e-mail to:

Currently serving:
Joe Bushey
Jacob Roberts
Betsy Gentile, Chair
Elizabeth McLoughlin, Vice Chair
Martin Fitzgerald
Dan Sontag
Andrea Watkins

Staff: Carol Lolatte, Recreation & Parks Director,