Brattleboro, Vermont

Arts Committee

The Town Arts Committee recognizes that the arts community is a substantial contributor to Brattleboro’s identity. The integration of the arts within the fabric of Town government enhances the vitality of the town and the quality of life for its citizens. We wish to strengthen the bond among the Town of Brattleboro, the community of Brattleboro, and the arts community to enable mutual understanding, as well as appreciation for the aesthetic and economic contributions made by the arts.

The Town Arts Committee will serve to:

  • Connect and communicate arts issues to the Town, and Town issues to artists
  • Provide counsel to the Town regarding art in public places, both indoors and out
  • Aid in rewriting the Cultural section of the Town Plan
  • Participate in the development of artistic components within municipal projects
  • Serve as advocate, clearinghouse, and spokespersons for Brattleboro’s community of artists
  • Serve as liaison and resource to make the arts accessible to the town for special projects and performances
  • Promote the idea that art is industry

We envision a Brattleboro where the arts and artists thrive and are wholly integrated into the socio-economic fabric of the community, contributing in unique and multi-faceted ways and sharing in community responsibilities.

The arts act as both prism and lens. Our community, deeply authentic and still with a sure sense of place, offers a soil rich in its ability to support vision and perspective. This resource is well recognized and is evidenced by Brattleboro’s literary, music, dance and theater legacy – both past and present. The arts sector seeks to engage with our community in a more fluid conversation, seeks easier access both to the arts and from the arts, and seeks to further contribute to the enrichment of Brattleboro’s own creative economy. Sustainability in the arts, enabled by an infrastructure attentive to the entire community’s needs, contributes positively to the community’s quality of life and economy.

Members (Seven members with three-year terms):

Dale Joy, Chair (6/19)
Marsha Bard (6/19)
John Haley (6/20)
Vacancy (6/18)
Vacancy (6/19)
Vacancy (6/20)
Vacancy (6/20)

Staff Contact: Town Manager,