Brattleboro, Vermont

Online Certified Copy Request

To order a certified copy of a vital record online, paying by credit card, contact the Town Clerk's office, either by email to or by telephone at 802-251-8157.

The information needed is the name on certificate, type of event (birth, civil union, death, or marriage), the date of the event, and the address to which the copy will be sent.

The Town of Brattleboro cannot accept credit card payments so for your convenience we work with  Click on Bill Pay icon on the bottom of the screen to go to  Select Local Payments.  Type in, or select from the drop down list Vermont and Brattleboro,  then  choose Certified copies as the bill type.   Each certified copy is $10 or uncertified copy is $2.00. 

For prompt service be sure to complete both steps outlined above.  If we receive a telephone call or email and no payment we will assume you have changed you mind and decided not to request the copy.  Should we receive payment and no information we will attempt to contact you either by email or telephone.  If you do not respond, a refund will be issued to your credit card within 10 days to 2 weeks.