Brattleboro, Vermont


Building and Zoning

If you are undertaking new construction which will add square footage to a building on your property—whether it's residential or commercial—from a new deck, or accessory structure, to a demolition and rebuild of a building, you will need to apply for a zoning permit through the Town of Brattleboro.

Special notes:

  • For commercial projects and any questions on building inspection, you will also need to contact Brian Johnson at Fire and Safety for Windham County at 802-885-8883.
  • In addition, you may need permits from the state; call John Fay at (802) 279-4747, or email to speak to the state permit specialist before beginning any construction.
  • Understand the laws regarding asbestos and lead for renovation and demolition; click here, or call 802-863-7220.
  • To request a zoning compliance letter, contact the Zoning Administrator.

Other considerations:

  • Administrative vs. DRB - Many applications can be decided administratively. You should allow 30 days for the completed process, however we will do our best to issue eligible permits as quickly as possible. To assist in this process, please be sure to submit completed applications, with required signatures for both applicant and property owner, and drawings showing relevant information on dimensions and setbacks. Applications that require Development Review Board approval (waiver of dimensional standards, conditional use permits, subdivisions, major or minor site plan reviews, and other) have a separate process. Schedule.
  • Change of use - If you are changing the way the property will be used (for example, from one-family residence to two or more, from residential to commercial, or even one type of commercial use to another, you will need to obtain a permit. See Form A, and the page two checklist.
  • Flood zone - If your property is within the  Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) any improvements to existing structures—including interior work—will require a permit. All applications for designated Flood Hazard Areas must complete Form I in addition to Form A. The back of Form I includes special requirements for flood construction. See the flood information on right sidebar to determine if your property is in the SFHA.
  • Home business - Click here for the application (Forms H & A). Please read the Zoning Bylaw on the back of Form H, which explains allowed use.
  • Number of bedrooms - If you are adding bedrooms to a residence (including within the existing square footage) you may need a permit. Bedrooms which number greater than three will require additional water allowance—for Town water/sewage connections only.
  • Process - Form A is required for all applications; page two includes a checklist for any other necessary forms. Click here for all forms and fees. For DRB applications submit 12 copies along with the original of all forms except Form P. If you do not provide copies we will make them and charge $0.25 per page. Application fees must be paid to the Town of Brattleboro prior to review.
  • Signs are a special category, and any new sign, including a change to an existing sign, or a temporary banner requires a permit. Form A and Form B need to be completed and submitted. Be sure to answer all questions on both existing and new signs, and submit your application with the $40 fee. The Land Use Regulations regarding signs can be found here, Section 319