Brattleboro, Vermont

Online dog license renewal

It is possible to renew a dog license online, paying by credit card.  There is a processing fee for this service of $1.00 - $2.00 (it will be more if you are licensing multiple dogs).  The processing fee will be clearly indicated before the payment process is complete.

To renew online click on the Bill Pay icon on the bottom of this screen.  Select Local Payments.  Enter Vermont and Brattleboro in the appropriate fields then select Dog License Renewal as the Bill Type.  Enter the information required including pet names and the total amount due. Payments received for dogs without current rabies information or with the incorrect fee will not be considered licensed until all missing information or payment is received.

When you renew online, the owner listed on the renewal information will be considered the legal owner of the dog and renewal of the license as acceptance of legal responsibility for the dog licensed.  The license will not be in effect until you receive the tag and signed paper license from the Town Clerk.