Brattleboro, Vermont

Liquor Licensing


  1. Print Application – see link in right sidebar
  2. Print Brattleboro Addendum to DLC License form
  3. Fill in and submit the forms  with required fees to Brattleboro Town Clerk
  4. The Clerk will review the form and submit it to the Selectboard for review at the next available meeting.
  5. The Clerk will notify the applicant of Selectboard meeting date – applicant should plan to attend the meeting.
  6. If approved by the Selectboard the application will be forwarded to the Department of Liquor Control in Montpelier for approval.
  7. The Department of Liquor Control will contact the applicant to inspect the premises prior to granting approval – this process can take several weeks.
  8. Once granted the Department of Liquor Control sends the license to the Town Clerk for completion.
  9. The applicant is then either mailed the license, or notified that the license is available for pickup.

 Third class licenses are submitted directly to the Department of Liquor Control.