Brattleboro, Vermont


Brattleboro Office of Assessment

230 Main St, Ste 109
Brattleboro VT  05301
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday
Telephone: 802-251-8156
Fax: 802-251-8168

Jenepher Burnell

Town Assessor


Dara Carleton
Office Administrator
Board of ListersPositionTerm of Office
Eric AnnisChair 2017 - 2020
Marshall WheelockVice Chair 2018 - 2021
Katherine N. DowdClerk 2015 - 2018



Responsibilities of the Office: Our primary responsibility is to appraise all real property in Town in compliance with applicable Vermont State Statutes. In most instances this will be fair market value. This includes annual maintenance such as updating changes resulting from  permits, as well as periodic revaluations when mandated by the State.

Other responsibilities of the office include:

               Administer the Town Business License program

               Administer taxation of Business Personal Property

               Administer Tax Stabilization for Farmland Taxpayers


In addition, the Office provides

  • Property Record Cards
  • Assessment history information
  • Custom reports
  • Detailed explanation of the assessment process
  • Tax Maps which are periodically updated to correspond with survey changes. Should there be a discrepancy between our acreage and what you believe you actually own, we will need a survey prior to changing our records. We do want to stress that the tax maps are an approximation of property lines used for assessment purposes only. They are not considered a legal document and cannot be used to determine actual boundaries.  

Should you have any concerns regarding your current assessment, general questions or suggestions, please feel free to call (802-251-8156). You may also visit our office on the first floor of the Municipal Building, where Property summary  cards and tax maps are available for review. Copies are available upon request. Property Summary Cards and parcel maps are also available online. Please utilize the links in the gray box on the upper right part of this page.